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No. 86

he is not afraid
he rides my rollercoasters
hands up and smiling

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No. 85

all the morning birds
are cuddled up and quiet—
lazy rainy dawn

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Just a Heads Up

I think, though I’m not sure, that some of you who follow this blog probably intended to follow my other blog, Candidly Coraline, rather than this one. Just a heads up and a link to help out just in case.

But I appreciate followers here as well—very much so! I’ve actually been writing more lately, so this will probably be getting updated more often.

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No. 84

my body shivers,
the winter cold in my house—
knit socks on, heat up

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No. 83

birthdays keep coming
even after his passing—
forever special

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An Issa

come what may
won’t you trust in the Buddha


tomokaku mo anata makase ka katatsuburi

In Issa’s Pure Land Buddhist vision of reality even a snail is on the path to enlightenment.

Courtesy of Haiku Guy.

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No. 66

switches are being flipped
I don’t do the flipping
I wait in the dark

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An Issa

spring rain—
ducks waddle-waddle
to the gate


harusame ya ahiru yochi-yochi kado aruki

Courtesy of Haiku Guy.

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No. 65

cascading warm sparkling water
hidden in a private alcove
my shower stall sanctuary

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